tell me why


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have a question that i want to pose
no it wont sound dreary like a crack attic taking a hit or dose

tell me why when there violence spreads across the world, we decide to then be patriotic?
why not be close when people are achieving in which we need to be apathetic

tell me why when a nine year old boy gets shot in the bodega, everybody wants to be friends?
we become close in the funeral where everybody wants to act nice and be fiends

tell me why when a person commits suicide, people want to shed tears?
why not shed tears when schools are closing? people are living off fears

tell me why its ok to call someone a NIGGA and celebrate like winning a N.B.A championship
why not call someone my brother and form companionship

i know why
our state of mind is in a frenzy
we are too accustom in trading insults worse than comedians
slavery has been passed on in a violent cycle more chaotic than kids misbehaving in the classroom
if it don't stop, we'll be placed in a setting alright, a jailroom

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You very plainly point out enormous contradictions within the human condition which, I think, everyone can relate to. Yes, the entire nation can come together and mourn over one well-publicized death, but completely gloss over the thousands and thousands of people who die alone every day. "why not be close when people are achieving in which we need to be apathetic" hits it right on the head--we do not celebrate achievement, but applaud half-hearted mediocrity. It is an strange social construct which we make for ourselves, and your poem stares unflinchingly right at it. Please, please keep writing about this topic.

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thank you samuel for your insight
i write from the heart
i'm a poet
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