Tell Me Whats Your Flavor

Having just quit my job, I was finding the meaning of freedom

Dreams were becoming a reality, yet I was blinded by what only the eyes could see

Unfamiliar with taking risks, I sought comfort in something I was familiar with

Ice cream normally did the trick

But this particular flavor had a few tricks of its own

I took a spoonful of what seemed to be a tasty sensation

Eyes nearly shut, I anticipated what was next to come

Putting my best foot forward, I emerged into a veil of chocolate

Dark and chilling, yet sweet and succulent

Fear, doubt, and uncertainty shook my taste buds

I dug deeper to ensure that this was the flavor for me

Surprised by a sticky, gooey, fluff

The masses of marshmallows were determined to draw me in

Just when I had set my mouth for a smooth finish

I was met head on by buried almonds

Hindered by salt, yet intrigued by their crunch

The mounds were hard-hitting, but nothing I couldn’t conquer

Approaching my last bite, I realized life is about taking chances

And I’m glad that I did

I hope you have guessed what flavor I would be

Because this has been one hell of a Rocky Road!!



haha loved it!


:))) lol thanks!!

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