Tell Me a Story


Tell me a story.

It can be about anything, as long as it’s yours.

There’s no limit to what you can say or do or see

It’s only you in the cockpit

You are the only pilot.

Let the words’ wings unfurl and carry you away into worlds only you could possibly imagine

Places only you would dare to reach

Places you’ve caught glimpses of under overturned rocks

Between glistening leaves

Inside seashells

Or only in your dreams

Don’t think about what others want to read

Think about what you want to read

And make it real.

It could take place thousands of years in the future or the past

Or feature a windblown leaf as the main character

Because anything is possible

It could be about a princess in a faraway land who creates a magic charm that turn pizzas into people

Or a witch who turns people into roses

Anything goes

You just have to make it happen.

You have a brilliant mind

Don’t be afraid to use it

Can’t you see the winds are waiting?

Seek courage and don’t be afraid to take flight.



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