Tell Me the Price

Wah di price fi education

As far as I can see

Is only di top ah top can afford it


Wah di price fi education

Dat mi really waah know

Cause a di people dem wid money one jus a go'p


'Every child can learn and every child must learn'

But as far as mi can see 

If yuh pocket no seh 'see mi yaah!'

The scool ting naah work.


Long time mi see’t

Ah long time mi know,

All when wi bright like star

A money run di show


Cause no matta how yuh bright

An pass every exam

When di money talk

It a di real big man


From when mi realize is jus a money ting

If yuh noh born inna uppa class

Not a chance yaav fi win


This poem is about: 
Our world


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