Tell Me Again

Tell Me Again 

The world is against you, you say? 

Tell me again, I've got all day. 


You whine about how we all plot against you.

As if this planet revolves around some pitiless fool. 


Wars stretch far and wide. 

Children abused, tears endlessly shed.

But you remain stuck in your bitter, hateful head. 


I hate you, you say? 

Tell me how I feel, as if you've lived my days. 


You say the whole world hates you,

When you know not even a slew. 


The world has it's own battle.

Evil lurking in every nook and cranny.

Yet, you sit and stew like an unwanted baby.


I'm a terrible person, you say? 

Tell me again, I feel no shame! 


You tell me to go to hell, though you have no faith! 

As if I give a damn about your pointless hate.


Kids with disabilities struggle everyday,

While you use their conditions as insulting names! 


I'm a liar, you say?

Tell me again, as if Truth is your name. 


You claim I'm messing with your mind.

I was just around at the wrong place, wrong time.


I have no room for hatred.

My soul is worn enough, though now it's tough. 

So I will not hate you, or dare abhor you. 

My heart has only room for love.


So, tell me again. 

I've said all I've said.


Miss Terry

Bravo. I'm not sure when we met, but I am sure that your perfectly selected words were directed, and landed, squarely between my eyes. I will steal your last few lines and turn my life around.

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