tell me

Tell me all about this name that was formed

It was given to me the day I was born

I want to know about the stories of the empire of old

Floating markets, wooden sampans, shiny scooters

A land that was the sight of wars as the helicopters roared

A land of authentic herbs and spices to cook phở


Tell me all about this land of Texas that was formed

It gave me new opportunities the day I turned four years old

I want to know about the stories of the language of English

That carries me every mile of the way

A place where I can strive beyond the tiresome effects of hypothyroidism

Seeking ideas from what is different from my own culture


Tell me all about my mellow skin, my thin hair and my puffy eyes

My seemingly quiet voice says more of me than what is dared to say

And the Almighty God watching over me

In prayer, within my soul, I see my kin

Searching my passions through reading, writing, and talking

Branching out my answers by studying from various perspectives of global society


Tell me all about giving up when time grew short

I’ve seen how easily judgements grew

But from this, I’ve discovered that there is no clear-cut perfection for life

No mathematical or scientific formula for a stress-free life

As I know I am more than just a number

I do know my diligence will guide me wherever I will go

But I find my dreams leading me through rice fields

Wanting to see my home, the illuminated streets during New Year’s festival

Someday I'll touch my roots, my beginnings

Someday I'll know my soul

Someday I'll find my way back to help those in need

To once again say xin chao, Vietnam


To me, income doesn’t stop education

To me, arguments doesn’t stop happiness

Tell me


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