Tell Me

Look outside your window and tell me what you see.
Is it flowers seeking shade under a chestnut oak?
Or is it grass swaying to the soundless wind?
This serene picture will not last for it will be gone just as a needle melts in a haystack.
It once was outside my window, but now that picture has long been departed.
Look outside my window and I’ll tell you what I see.
Green has been replaced with gray as we invade the terrain.  
All life has been cornered, corralled and executed like the spirits that roamed the west.

But there you are, all nestled in your nest oblivious to the scene around us

Blind to the future the only thing left to do is reminiscence on the past.

Now tell me the difference in the scenes.
You may see the differing sides but in truth,
They are one in the same.
That window you looked out is the same as mine.
The only difference here is your mind and mine.
So why do we see different scenes when the painting is the same?
It’s because of what we choose to see and ignore and what has been removed.
The internet has made us imbeciles and the media has made us ignorant.
We can’t see what we can do only what we can’t.
But one thing that is for sure is that we can’t let this world go blank. 

Those that speak on behalf of us only speak about half the issues of this world and yet, that half isn’t even true. 


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