Tell Me

Do you ever just want to scream?

You don’t care where you are at the moment

You just want to let your voice out

Scream at the top of your lungs

Cry until your body is exhausted

Hit the ground

And punch

And destroy everything in your path

Tear your clothes into pieces

Because all of a sudden the feeling of polyester and denim

Burns your skin

You want to run as fast as you can

You don’t care where you’re headed as long as you’re away

Away from them


Take all your angry out on the Earth

That did nothing wrong, might I add

But to tear at the dirt and slam your hands down and just scream

“I hate You!”

Even though you really mean you hate yourself


Every paranoid thought that as ruined countless of relationships and confidence

Every boy that said something slightly, just ever so slightly, off

That made you think he’s not interested

Or subtle looks of disapproval you see come across a stranger’s face down the street

They might’ve looked at your outfit or hair or even your weight

And now you’re going home to cut

Cut your life away

Watch blood run down your skin like a heavy stream

God that feels good.

And then silence

That numbness silence that makes you nothing


And then your cycle starts over

Tell me, do you want to scream again?

Because I do.

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