Tell Me

So tell me how you spent your family's money

on cheap cigars you couldn't quit

Tell me how you destroyed your room to mask

the pain in your heart, but you couldn't forget

Tell me why you stand there straight and tall

never feeling a thing

Tell me everything you felt the day you

saw her slipping off her ring

Tell me about the night you snapped and

finally went back to the blade

Tell me how it didn't work, and how

it never felt the same

Tell me everything about you, the good,

the bad, the in between

Tell me when you started to fall

apart at the seams

Tell me about when the smell of blood

finally woke you from your trance

Tell me when your heart started and

slowed, and made your head dance

Tell me everything you've tried to forget

this mess

Tell me how your hair started falling out

from stress

Tell me every drug that saw the

inside of your veins

Tell me every person you think won't

remember your name

Tell me how you're better off like this

And I'll tell you how that doesn't make sense

I'll stay with you all day and night

Even when the stories blur together

I'll be the one to make things right

Even if it takes forever

This poem is about: 
My family



A truly great poem. Good work!


This is amazing, I love it!


I got chills reading this, the imagery was awesome.

Poison Apple Prose and Poems

Thank you so much!


Oh my gosh, this is absolutely brilliant!

shurouk hammoud

Tell me where did your deep thoughts come from


WOW, yeah this is wonderful. You're very talented!

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