Tell Me


Lord tell me everything is going to be okay.

That even though there are rules to obey

Tell me that myself, family and friends will remain okay

Tell me that I that I don't have to rely on material.

To lead me to the road of success

even though that's what I feel that is only best.

Tell me that this money situation will be resolved

And that me and my family will be able to evolve.

Tell me that its okay to be me,

I would prefer it all be judgmental free...

But that always seem like it would happen only in a dream

Because it is said that life isn't as smooth as butter or cream.

And is never as straight forward as people make it seem.

So I ask you once again And I promise that this is not pretend

I know I don't pray everyday, But please tell me everything will be okay.


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I love how sincere you are in this peice. You don't hold back how you're feeling which makes it raw and personal. 


This is fantastic. You capture the fears of an imperfect person who is very aware of their shortcomings quite well, and the hope that faith can bring.

Thank you, and we'll all keep praying.


this is amazing

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