Tell him


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He stands up,
But it's like he's sitting down,
He tells me he loves me,
I can't hear him,
I can see him,
Why can't I hear him?
I'll just sit reading his lips,
He'll never understand,
I have to go,
Not to leave him behind,
But to better myself.
He tells me he loves me and says goodbye,
I'm ready to say it back, but my heart won't let me lie,
I love him like I love my brother or a friend,
I don't want this forever!
I can't say it so I'll let it go,
It troubles me so I'll walk away and forget the show,
Cry myself to sleep, but for what though?
I loved him,
He's dead,
I didn't even get a chance to let him know.
The truth,
I was scared,
they hurt me what was I suppose to do?
Tell him?
Tell him...
Just tell him!
But I didn't get a change to,
So I showed him,
I showed him through the tattoo,
through the love I had for him,
at his funeral I sung for him,
and the day I died, I died for him.
He was my reason,
my love,
my soul,
a reason,
and I will do it all over again.

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