If I had one job  

One career 

Or one gig 

that could change the stands  

Change the man  

I'd travel all across the land  

Lend a hand  

Learn, exemplify, develop   

a language we could all understand  


I'd take your words  

And give you  mine  

Try to reevaluate what it is  

that establishes time 

Perception And  





It's time   

To mark a new era  




Think of a way that I could change ya mind  

In time 

Time, to write a new rhyme  

Maybe change your ways  

 in what you say  

A little- 


Give and take  


A language of understanding, love, and knowledge  

To demonstrate 

Start a new slate 

Create a world of words 

where we don't make the mistake of what is to miss- 



If I could have one job to adjust the time 

I'd take your language, and in turn, I'd share mine 

Build a bridge erasing the gap of lands at stands, frozen in time 


Allowing the culture of the people to write a new line 

A journey of a life 

A story 

Universal Language Combined 


A smile to show you care 

A feeling understandably mutual 

What it feels to be without fear 

Living in a world we all share 

For all the notions that could come to light 

Consideration, Appreciation, Emotion, Comprehension 

When words unite 














What it means to be a Teacher of Foreign Language.



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