A Teenager's America



MY country ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty

This place is a great fit for me.

I have the freedom to live

And be selfless and give.

I may only be a teenager in this big land

But I am recognized as an adult to give my own commands.

I am permitted to operate a car

Even if I decide not to go far.

I can choose to attend college

To grow my intelligence and knowledge.

I can say what I please

And do so with ease.

I can go to the doctor without a parent

I am a legal adult, isn’t it apparent?

I can buy my own lottery ticket

And if I win big I can go get it.

My life depends on my good decisions

But if I make a mistake I have learned how to make revisions.

America is treating me so very well

Great opportunities are here; time will tell.

So I stand stall and show my pride

There is no reason for me to run and hide.

The United States of America is my home

And I know while living here I will never feel alone.



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