Teenaged Memory

And I hope someday you'll look back and remember
The sunny summers and rainy Novembers
As well as with the ones you soon had to parts ways
In your yearning testing teenaged days

And of all the curious hearts and wishful dreamers
The carefree souls and lively schemers
There was this one in particular
In which her face turns vivid from the blur
Her name resurfaces from the years unforgotten
Her actions spoke loud from thought through pen
Her heart—so overwhelming. Though, she couldn't tame your spirit.
She cared about you more than most, you gotta admit.

She saw only the good in you
Believed even after the your lies proved true
She thought of you to be lost, beautiful, sad
When all you were was lonely, jaded and mad

She lingered too close for comfort in an attempt to set you free
Only you were deaf to the cries she made to damned too blind to see

Unlike the other she was stubborn to prove them wrong
That you weren't cold and oblivious but a hero all along
She stood strong; held on as long as she could
Loved you more than possible-- more than one should

But you were scared of yourself; scared of the truth. So, you threw her heart away
She found out you were nothing but a lie—scared and hopeless; what else is there to say?
She let go the one who let you in
But You letting her down now that should've been a sin

She's broken, cut, and fooled by you
Sometimes she wishes all of this weren't true
But this time she let herself get too far
And the consequence was her heart for you to scar

How do you live? How do you sleep knowing that she fell?
All for a boy who just couldn't tell
All she wanted was for him to care
Live up to his promise tat he'd be there

Instead he did what other shave done
Leave and forget the battle he thought he won

You wonder what became of this girl
Crumbling was her faith and once-invincible world

Well, you shouldn't worry any longer
Because with time she only grew stronger
Braver, wiser, and so breathtaking
Left the hearts she came across in awe—the earth of her trail still in shaking

And in the end she still remembers it all
The caring boy who took the fall
Her inspiration, her close-kept secret
The one she fell in love with the day she met

But, oh, how she is still fond
Of this once-innocent, now-damaging bond
Oh, how she still believes in you
And all the things she once believed were true

The one who filled her heart broke it
Your words-- now lies—no longer effective

And how this story never seems to grow old
No matter how many years have passed, hearts she's loved, times it's told
For the characters in this teenaged memory
Is no other than the youthful, naïve kids in you and me

And I hope someday you'll look back and remember still…
Oh, but I doubt you will. I doubt you will.


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