Teenage Years


This is not how I imagined my teenage years to be
I remember sitting in my room praying that the years would go by
that I can be fifteen already, I would pray and I would cry
Now I’m sixteen and the years are flying by
If I were to tell you that I am happy, it would be a lie
All those movies about high school and teenagers seemed so cool
You know which one I’m talking about, High School Musical
With the cool kids, the athletes, the nerds, and the tools
The only one that actually gave you a hint of reality was Degrassi
It showed me betrayal, heartbreak, love, lust
Showed me that even your closest friends are the ones that you shouldn’t trust
But as a child I expected freedom, boyfriends, a happily ever after
I mean after all, that is what I grew up watching
Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, all these princesses full of laughter
Little did I know that it was all just a lie, something to keep us occupied
Because once I got to high school, I realized that everyone had lied
You can’t trust your friends because they eventually turn their backs on you
So I just vent to my notepad, listen to music & get on Tumblr too
Obviously everything isn’t what it seemed ten years ago
So if they didn’t prepare us for the real world, what did they prepare us for? 

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