Teenage Pregnancy in Mississippi


United States


Stems from cherries drop by thousands. 

Young mothers filling our streets. 

Not quite complete as that new being forms inside them.

A hard life, now multiplied two. 

Looking at the world with a completely different view.

Teenage pregnancy. 

The most prevalent incident here and the rare one not determined by race. 

How far will she chase, to protect herself? 

Exposing not only her body, but her mind.

Exposing all to some man, kind

Enough to make her believe that she is the one.

Tumultuous pain will surround her brain.

Think about this, honey,

What happens when you’re stuck in the rain?

When the father frankly does not give a damn?

My dear, think. Think harder before you say,

“Yes, baby, you can hit it raw.” 

Before you think, “he’ll love me, child and all.” 

You are only filled with the mental capacity that your inner-city school can provide for you,

Think about it. Is that enough to mother?

No sexual education in the entire state, I understand. 

That simply means you must take matters into your own hands.

Take a stand, girlfriend.

Don’t revolve your world around a man, girlfriend.

Take account, men. 

And both you of you, take full responsibility for your one body,

Because, so what? They’re a hottie.

What else do they have to offer?

Think about that, before you allow them to father. 

Now, one last thing and I promise, I’m done. 

My sermon is coming to its final run.

A majority of girls will experience some kind of sexual burden,

Teen pregnancy, STDs, mental hurting. 

Make it a priority to educate yourself,

I have, because I know, I only have myself. 

With my mother having unrealistic ideals of sex,

With my brother constantly hovering over my back,

With everyone preaching abstinence, 

But never providing protection. 

What exactly should be my reaction? 

I’ve done my reading, what about you?

Don’t put yourself in the position to choose, 

Baby or school?


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