Teenage Love, I Swear

Sun, 12/16/2012 - 18:22 -- jclyn21


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Afraid to admit? Afraid what other people will think? About the truth? If its too deep? Well, i think your weak. I think thats a problem. You're brainwashed and blinded by love that is not true love. A boy who does not care. Who broke his promise already. Hurt you plenty of times. and has you all wrapped around his finger. I dont understand how a boy can be your world instead of God. Or why you cant just enjoy being young and single. I swear to you its not the end of the world if he leaves you...again.

I'm going to promise myself not to ever put my love life before God because of you. I'm watching you and don't like the person you have become. You dont even notice i am here. Or hear these words I'm trying to tell you. What does he tell you thats so much more fulfilling? That he loves you? And forever? Um, i love you too...and how old are you? And him? "Yah, stupid teenage love, I swear, get the hell away from me."

Consider this: When he tells you "I love you" and you believe it, those were only lies you've created in your head. And you know what? He thinks THAT can cure every single damn thing hes done to you. What else: You deserve better. Its already obvious but I guess you're too stuck in this denial stage, you need me (or someone) (more so God) to tell you. Have you even told God you love Him atleast? Because right now I bet you haven't without the thought of your stupid boyfriend. Obsessed much?

To be continued...



This is a very powerful poem, made even more so by you speaking it out loud. I love how spoke so passionately, especially when you asked a question and it sounded like you were talking directly to the listener! Have you ever written a ballad poem? You might want to check out how under "writing tips" in the "Resources" section!

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