Teenage Life

Sat, 10/21/2017 - 00:33 -- SeunOjo

The Teenage Life  Life What is life      You was born 7 pounds and 11 ounces A beautiful baby happy and bouncing Glowing melanin skin and big almond eyes Your mother and father hold you with tears of joys in their eyes And they say “welcome to this world it's full of surprises, We’ll help you succeed while we're always beside ya And from right there on life begins  Days pass, your head filled with hair Your mouth has some teeth, still with gaps of air Now you're walking, running, hiding and playing games Making your parent chase after you, tripping over things causing them painIt's okay though, because you're young But once you get older, you're life has truly begun   You're now older and in high school Getting ready to face the many obstacles that you may have gone throughBut honestly in reality that just how it is, Kids are just kids they're not not gonna care, butYou got haters on your back, shake them off and show them how tough you are Yeah that's right ain't nobody telling me what Imma stand up tall and show you what I got Beating them off, swing, knock them off the block You come home and tell your parents about your first day Telling them everything that happened, reminiscing on your own values that happened that day You come back the next day, and you get respect Now they want to be friends and you're now in a clique You get your work done and go to every class You're also a straight A student, you would never let those grades go down to bad CRUSH ALERT CRUSH ALERT!!! Hold up a Jawn just walked in You lost yourself for a second, he's giving you that look You daze lose track….but then quickly focus on your booksAt the end of class he gives his number and his social media, and immedietly you remeber his looksYou guys are now talking day by day. Learning facts about each otherYou grow a heart for him telling him that you trust him unlike any other He trusts you too and tells you the words “i love you”You believe him and you say it too, now its the next level up to round twoNow here comes the part where you made the biggest mistake in your lifeYou did it, and your question is “What are we now?” “Sugarplum you’re my forever, the only apple in my eye”And your dumbass believed him, not knowing it was just a kill But you was just blinded by love, and finding out the truth will be a thrillAnd life still goes on  You walk into school and your “friends” are calling you a whoreWait what!? I’m sorry thats a misunderstanding, and whoever said that is definitely wrong You heard the truth and you guess you was number four BULLSHIT…..damn shit like this hurts, you’re now broken You confront and ask him what he has told them“Oh it was nothing.” You yell at him, cuss him out, even about to drag this kid on the floor, when yet his “ex” was standing at the doorNow you two are fighting claiming whose mans is whose, now you got scars on your face as you try to cut looseAnd your “friends” just stand there….man they ain’t even have your backMad fake, you bitches are dead trash   You’re broken inside, thought you could trust the one you love People do you dirty in this world….you just gotta learn Ain't nobody gonna stay 10 toes down Because people would always like to bring your guard down Now everyone despises you….do they know who you really are? The same person who came to school and was shooting for the stars?You're still that same person, but just not in their eyes But just remember you're you, no one is gonna tell what to do You're independent, you're strong, you're fearless, only you can be youLife continues on..  But ….you're crying, as you overhear your parents fighting.You wanna know what's wrong and you walk in and stand beside them They explain that they're getting a divorce You're heart was split into half, now it's splitter even more You're world is dividing what is going on!! Everything is just happening too quickly, do you still wanna live or just keep moving on?From the corner of your eye you see Hennessy and…..weed?Is this gonna make you feel better cause that is what you really needShit….You  don't even know how to roll, there's YouTube for that so youre all good One sip of Hennessy, then you gulped down some more…..I'm drunk, now this is really my mood You're now laying on the floor, looking up at my ceiling Taking in puffs of my weed, that is helping you contain this good feeling Youre lost now in you're own world , free of anxiety and depression, this is your healing  To escape from this stage of depression and anxiety, you continue to become addicted You can't stop, now your whole mind is getting twisted You go back to school, and the students see you have changed You're not that same person who was shining, doing you're best, and even trying to make a change You're independent, you're strong, you're fearless…..does that still mean something to you?It did…..but now you feel worthless because things in life doesn't mean anything sometimes even the truthYou're stuck in dark now, but you still want to find that light that shines in you And only one person out of 7 billion people who knew your truth, your worth, your confidence, your power, your strength, your integrity, your determination, your kindness that fills your heart…...all turned out to be what started your teenage life and what will continue to carry you on   Your true friend is your backbone Your ride or die, aiming to pass every milestone The boss, that will give you advice And stick up for you when haters try to fightDon't take this shit for granted because that's your other half, that you'll always love Mistakes happen, fix it up, now that's a true bond you'll always want   Your teenage life was a rollercoaster 7 years of fighting through this battleLife begins to piece together, and even you are doing betterRemember who you are and always make the right choicesListen to your parents and remember their voices Have fun, turn up, succeed be your own boss in your teenage life   

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