Teenage Boy

When falls approaches, I feel the wind blowing blistfully on my face.

The colorful leaves fall so gently from the trees.

I picture a breathtaking decidous forest.

I see a teenage boy as innocent as he can be.

All alone and happy, but free.

Strolling through the forest as he feels the autumn leaves on his hands.


Looking back at that time, I was a loner, sensitive, but free as a spitit.

Looking back at that time, I was stronger than I knew. Wiser than I knew.

Looking back at that time, I wish I wasn't so scared to to show my true colors.

However, today I spread my colorful wings with the winds of wisdom as my guide.


Liitle did that boy know he's not alone.

He has an imagination out of this world.

He may be weird on the outside, but deep in the inside he yearns to be 

accpeted among his peers.

Cause all they saw him as a tall kid with no emotion.

However, he spend so many nights crying himself to sleep.

Thinking the world was better without him.

Until God said you have so much too live for and there's so much beauty 

in the world for you to explore.


Looking back at that time, I had so much pride.

Looking back at that time, I wish I knew that I was extraordinary.

Looking back at that time, I learned to love my self. Truly 

loving yourself is the greatest love of all.

Looking back at that time, I realized my optimism is what kept me 

strong through undergoing so many emotional.


He's free and happy. Not all worn out by resposiblities.

Brings back so many good memories that are seals upon my heart,

Everytime when Autumn comes I see that teenage boy within me.

Too bad that boy is all grown, but al least he did not die.

That teenage boy is still a part of me.

When Autumn comes again I can't wait to see that teenage boy.







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