Teenage Attention Seeker

I was declared a Teenage attention seeker the day I came out as Transgender,

because just being LGBT+ Was suddenly in style. 

As though my gender was a prize to be sold to the next person that claimed it theirs.

Being who I am is not a fashion statement, 

it is not something hands graze over in wonderment of how they could 

copy and paste it into there scrapbook of misconceptions and make it there own.


I was declared a Teenage attention seeker the day I came out as pansexual.

To me love is a fathomless spectrum, I swim over it, finding every particle my eyes pass over beautiful. 

I look at the colors of your heart, while not caring about the contents of your 'package' 

because to me, gender cannot describe the beauty of your smile and gender cannot define

the skip of my heart at your voice, but still, the monsters look at me and laugh.

"You're confused, you'll grow out of it." 

They seem to act like I'll grow out of loving you, as though who I love has anything

to do with the age of which I begin to find them to be everything I wanted, 

As though love can be matched to the numbers that you live and not the seconds

that you spend wishing to be with the person that makes this world feel colorful.


I was declared a Teenage attention seeker the day I started self-harming.

they said I had no reason, they acted like there words hadn't cut through every piece of sanity left in me

They decided what I was, 


who I was.


And the day I finally broke, they decided it wasn't there fault.

This poem is about: 


Nate w.

Hi my name is Nathan and I compete on Bentonville High Schools forensics team (competitive speech) I was very inspired by your piece "Teenage Attention Seeker" and was hoping you could give me permission to share your words at a tournament. Please let me know your thoughts and any questions and thank you for your time.



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