Teen Pregnancy


Everyday a girl loses her virginity, because he says "you mean so much to me"

After she does it, she doesn't realize, that the decision she made could ruin her life

She tosses and turns as she sleeps at night, knowing that tomorrow, she might not be alright

She regrets what she did and wants to go back, but she has to move forward and face the facts

She feels really sick and goes to the doctor, to take the test that may shock her

The test comes out positive and she's scared to death, when she finds out she's pregnant, she loses her breath

She calls up the father to tell him what's up, but the reaction she gets is so messed up

He doesn't want to be the father or part of her life, so now she goes through sadness, misery and strife

So now she has a baby and a hard choice to make, whether or not she'll keep it or give it a breath to take

She doesn't have the baby, so now she's very sad, but the one thing she's happy about it that she has her life back.



Guide that inspired this poem: 


Imani Sophia

Many girls go through this and then end up having to make adult choices. It's very hard.


I know, I wasn't trying to offend anyone and I hope I didn't offend you with this, but I wrote this back in h.s and thought it would be a good one to post.

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