Teen Pregnancy


United States
33° 50' 10.8744" N, 85° 47' 13.7976" W

Everywhere I look around there is an inflated belly.
Some are sad, tired, and in distress. Others are proud,
happy, nothing less to be a mother, sad to carry the
known responsibilities. What ever happened to waiting?

What happened to not doing it at all? Nike slogan is
to JUST DO IT. Why? Some say because everyone
else is.

There is someone out there that is different. Saying no
and believing it. Some laugh and say that is so lame.
Well it's better than being part of the blame. Teen
pregnancy is reaching heights. It's almost contagious
to say the least. Let's wrap it up and say no ladies,
Abstinence is the way.

Ha, that's a joke!
But so is getting an STD the night before.
Kids laugh and say well that's not me.
Nine months later here they come with a baby.
Where is the father? No where in sight because
All he wanted was a good time at least twice.

Guys are so unpredictable. Yeah, he told you he loved you.
So? It's just the same song rewritten didn't you know?
Let's become aware that the future is near.

This is not meant to make you mad, happy, or sad.
This is for you to see you only get one life.
Make the right choice while you have the chance.
Don't make up that forty percent.
Wrap it up.


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