Fri, 11/01/2013 - 14:01 -- quanne

I am young and BEAUTIFUL.

I was once a child having fun and being me.

I began to love and seek for the.

He approached me with such a soft touch.

I began to wonder if this was just lust.

"I love you" he would always say.

Until one day he chosed to walk away.

No one ever said pain could hurt this bad.

BUT someone once told me "GIRL you might get their a little too fast".

Five months of tossing and turning wondering what will happen next.

Who ever said I was exempt from this.

My world was almost covered in darkness.

Pregnacy is not the option or road.

Life is the road to take to lead you to preganacy when the time is right.

Baby he's only their for tonight.

Just when your about to leap, heSWEEPS you off your feet to drag you to the deep.




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