Teen Mommy


She was the life of the party, the star of the show,

and from one night to the next, everything seemed to fall apart.

Now, she feels like an embarrassment or some sort of freakshow.

The way people stare at her, she wish she could take it back.

Take that night back.


As for school, all her "friends" keep their distant.

They dont want a bad reputation, nor that dirty image.

She sits alone and on her bad days she doesn't even eat.

As for home, her mother doesn't support her.

Why should she?

She took advantage for the freedom the was given.

Her heart isn't at ease to think her daughter will suffer the consequences.


32 cm sticking out infront of her isn't cute.

Especially not at the age.

Everyone is busy filling on college applications and turning in fee waivers,

not carrying a young seed.


But today, today she woke up,

decided that she won't look bummy today.

She wore a vibrant colored sundress, curled her hair, and wore makeup.

She felt pretty, a feeling she missed.


Being pregnant shouldn't have felt to miserable.

It's a life gift,

being able to carry a piece of you, forming after eight months, and looking into their eyes and know that she's the most precious gift you've ever recieved.

She promised, as leaving again, that she will give her baby the best she can.

Because it's not about stares, nor regrets.

IT happened, and it is okay.

It's more than okay because she has this!

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