What does the word love mean to me

It's the thought of being free

It lets your heart open to the air

Why must I know where

To find what I most desire

My heart is so close to catching on fire

I am so in love that I'm giddy

From what we experienced in the city

You got down on one knee

Just to say, "Will you marry me"

Of course I said,"Yes"

Even though I can be a pest

You mean the world o our love

That's why the dove

We saw on our first date

Came back with the wedding ring


The day has arrivedand I will receive more bling

I'm so happy to be your wife

We will be together for life

I want you to know that I love you

Even the biggest boo

Will not make me leave

My darling we have achieved all eternity

Soon I will wear maternity

Our family will grow

He our son will always know

That our love is true

Because I love you

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