Technical Love


As a child 
Subject to the meaning of life is love 
First comes Jesus, then the 1 
For ever thinking 
Faces and angles 
Of the one created 
Just for your being 
Going through the seasons 
Living in life 
Searching for the meanings 
Lifeless love 
Only to first breathe again from the first visual representation 
Of the 1 
Thanking God you lived to see them 
In the world we seem to live in 
Now they say that 2 is 1 
You should live to your fullest 
Life is only a dream 
Choose love for the after being 
Single is forever 
Couples doesn’t end in pleasure 
Being together never 
Doomed to communicate in a matrix 
Of texted forever’s 
Technology though clever 
Is useless without emotion 
Must I subject myself to a yellow icon 
Could I count on you to identify 
My ever changing moods 
With ought an acronym to define 
Everyone says that love is free 
But somewhere between the dating apps 
And phone packages 
It seems to have a price 
We have video chat 
And still decided to hide behind the messages 
That one never seems to read just right 
Has it all comes down to this? : / 


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