Tears will soon become Tears

When life is rough and times are becoming tough

I tend to focus more on love than lust, 

I have cried to may tears and waisted too many years.

I became alone and non-usefull to the world.

They talked about me untill i was turning blue.

I had no friends just dreams and ties of me and you.

I wanted to die alone, they left me there in fear.

Talked about me so bad ,and hit me so hard.

One time they beat me so intense  , I lie and told my mom it was a incident.

I knew if I said something theyll hurt me more, I knew i need to stand up , i wanted to atleast get out the door.

Pain was real, i had to chance of forgetting what this past and present had brung.

This time the tears were real and i had to deal,

Deal with the pain and the ache is why I chose to fake.

Fake the happiness and glow in my smile I had.

One day I stood up, I wanted to make a change.

I wanted them to know more than just my name.

I decided to play this game and at the end I wanted to see who would reign.

It didnt work , but i chose the right path , the path of life would begin.

The wind would blow my tears and I would stand up to my fears.


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