Tears of Suicide

Her smile is beautiful,
Like it will never fade.
But that's just the way,
This game is played.
Inside she is cursing,
At the pain she has to hold.
She is holding back hatred,
That can never be told.
How forcibly hungry,
Her eyes are for blood.
She wants to see it gush from her wrists,
Forming a miniature flood,
A flood on the floor,
That will hold many ideas,
She wants to feel in touch with her core,
And at ease with her soul.
She wants to feel no more hatred,
Even if they think she is a fool.
She doesnt care anymore.
She wants her stories untold.
There is no more time for goodbyes,
Her plan has a limit.
Finally she sighs,
She has decided to go with it.
She slowly slices away,
The soft, warm flesh.
This must be finished today.
So she cuts herself faster,
Then she sees all of her family,
Bursting out in laughter.
She can see the world,
A much better place.
So she continues cutting,
Speeding up her pace.
Finally she falls to the floor,
Landing in a puddle of blood.
The last time they see her,
Is as she is burried into the mud.
The cries of her family,
Are all that is heard,
She is gone and they are sad,
Her life went like a bird.
Her life flew away,
As quikly as it had come,
And her family regrets leaving her home that day.
For now she is dead.
And it is not pretty.
For how foolish she was,
Its her family that I pity.



I wished people realized the end of their decisions,

because while it may be fun, a relief in the beginning.

in the end its not much better,

when your left dead as a cutter.

I've struggled with the urge physically and mentally but I wish people would never have to go through this. I loved your poem very touching and good use of rhymes but not too much to sound like a childrens poem :).

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