Tears to Shed

Weeping willow, sitting in the sun

Sits all day and has no fun

Weeping willow dry your tears

One day you’ll forget your fears


Weeping willow, I never see you smile 

I only ever see it once in a while

Weeping willow why do you cry

I’m here to help you dry your eye


Weeping willow tell me why you cry

“I cry because my land is all dry”

Weeping willow what do you mean

“The lands are dry, and the sea is not clean


Pollution fills my air, and Earths creatures are dying”

Weeping willow why is this happening its horrifying

“Your people take advantage of all that there is,

Our beautiful earth has become a place of myiasis”


Weeping willow what can I do

“tell everyone what’s happening and hope you get through”

Weeping willow, I’ll shout at the top of my lungs

“We must help this plant before there is none”


Weeping willow weeps, no more

For the planet is changing back to one to adore

Weeping willow no longer cries

But only if she has tears of joy in her eyes




This poem is about: 
Our world


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