What's the point of living now,
When your dreams are going to die
Like the flowers in the sun
And the vapour inthe wind
One minute you are living,
The life you dreamt of living
The next minute everything changes

Yes,that's my life
What's the point of living anyway
When everyone wants to be like you
And you don't even want to be you
My iron walls are slowly breaking down
And soon they will reveal my true self
And i think they will no longer want to be me

Having a mother,
is every child's dream
But having a loving mother,
Is every child's fulfilled dream.
Yes i have a mother,
but only by the name
Cause i believe,she is the cause
of all my mysteries

The day she said yes,
She ruined my life
Marrying a rapist,molester
She brought him in as my "dad"
But one day,everything changed
He came home with a packet,
A green packet with some 2 tablets..

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



My, my. This is my very first time here in this site and i love the look of this. Everything from the words spoken with anger and confusion. This poem is alive and carries meaning. I even made my very first facebook account to like it. it's truly amazing. Bullying is relatable. 

Mum's Dota70

Thanks alot i really appreciate 😊😊😊keep following for more dear..

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