Tears of a Opp

They throw shade on me !
They drag me in the mud , because they mentally neglect me ,

They know what the men did in my life ,
They didn't care they wanted all Teams of strips I had the strength!

And they was weak by the truth !
It fear them ,

And they wanted to take them all from me ,
They wanted to make me look like a dope head ,

Cause she was ,
A liar and A closet smoker !

How could you do me like that I'm your daughter ?
I ask several times but she didn't give a fuck !

Cause I had all the coins she wanted n the old ones was no luck !

So she took my mental for a ride ,
To lie and pair up ,

Underlying thinking,
When they tongue twisted and I started to think??

They was not for me And they was all Enemies !
That lead to Tears of a Opp!

I'm still hurting inside
Miles away city and town and you are still tesring me down using me ,

And you cant even see my crowne because you want me to feel you ,

And everyone and her now !
How could you I wish I wasn't part of this family !

The way things go down !
I dont care I want to brave I'm hired of the seen ,
Looking at yall just keeps me thinking I hate you all
You brought Tears of A Opp everytime I fault for my
Loyalty and Parenthood !

How could yall ooough !!

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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