Tears of Notsie Slaves

they're souls are bounded

like kenkey in a husk

thrown into the arena of agony

could tears be the Jesus

of they're screams



who could send

the redeemer to they're nightmares

when is it gonna be a dream

i think after

our bloody tears

fill the brim

of this jericho walls



in a twinkle

bloods are shared

worst is done

souls are gone

could tears be the Jesus

to they're sorrowful songs

deeply sang with grief,



in the ear of freedom

where the hard headed hide

and hardly he desist

pain in the kingdom



wet the wall

wet the wall

wet the wall

hold fast the daggar

the deity sang the birth

of new generation

the birth of a new Africa

the death of slavery

the delivery of peace

among the tribe

freedom freedom

the tears of Notsie slaves













This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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