Tears of the Nile River

She smiles with beauty as people see,
Her reflection - the essence of her existence.
In its region, deeply shallowed she stay put,
Observing her wave in the dead of the day.

Far and wide she cry from humanity tyranny,
Prostituting her with impurity,
Trying to clean herself,
Her tears boil with wave and tides.

"Oh... No... Human", shout she -
Why commit this illicit act on my surface?
For all the humanity service she offers,
All she get in turn is misdemeanors.

Her cleanliness speaks about her,
With idle impurity she speaks,
of tomorrow - a better future,
Her dying she express deeply.

Save her for once, Oh ye son of man,
Give her a life, by
purifying its contents.
Wipe off your tears, lovely Nile, and
continue your humanity service.


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