Tue, 06/18/2019 - 08:13 -- Mari B

Kneeling to God my knee hurt,
praying with caution and aiming higher,
So many lovers but love is lost.

Many blue sea live within my lonely heart,
Tears covered me keeping
me warm in winter,
Love is beautiful and tasty
to he who taste it right.

Kneeling with a sole aim of love
and true relationship but with
a lonely heart and a heavy soul
I face the sun.

brave like the deer I pray oh Lord of the sea,
fill my lonely heart with love,
Quench the fire in my heart,
and the weight light lifted.

Lord my heart is burning blue flame
at the sound of love,
I many times believed in love
but I'm a wrong timer,
provide me with timing heart,
give me ice to cool the heart.

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