Tears of a Champion


The picture's fading

The smiles painted are drooping

Frowning, sadly

Sad, she's crying, screaming

But he's still talking


He hurt her once, she gave him a chance to hurt her twice


She feels it, the pain, the ache

Her bleeding heart is screaming out

Pleading now, please don't, please go, please stay


I need your love, I want your heart,

cradle mine, keep it safe


There's the pain, there's the ache

That was the scream, the words she said,

he never heard, her lips pursed shut


He's still talking

He has no clue


She has no clue, she is lucky

The lucky one, to have him here

With or without his heart

He is the prize

She has won


The twinge of love

The crystal drops

The nights awake,


All for him

All this pain, heartbreak

All for his love, the love he has yet to give


She feels it, the pain, the ache

She feels it bad, it feels bad

So sad, she's sad


He hurts

His presence is painful,

much less than a prize

She cries


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