Tears From a Beautiful Place

The darkness creeps over me, a terrifieing storm in the night,

I look around for somebody, anybody, but there's no one in sight..

I scream out "HELP!" Because there's nothing else I can do,

But the thunder booms incredibly loud, like it had to be right on cue.

As I search around again, that's when I notice this endless wall,

I get the sudden urge to climb, but what if I get half way up and fall?

Negative thoughts pushed aside, the lightening strikes so bright,

I see the holes etched in the wall and hope surges through me, maybe things will be alright.

As I'm climbing up, a smile spreads across my face,

I get the nerve to look down, and then all my hope starts to erase.

It all happend so fast, I don't know where it went wrong,

I was half way there and then I fell, the bottom didn't take long.

Right then the storm intensified, getting louder, brighter, and stronger before,

The lightening strikes so close leaving me blind, and the thunder lets out a long roar

I know what I have to do, so once again I begin to climb,

One step, and then another, and another; I won't look down this time.

The wind pushes down on me, makeing it harder with each step that I take,

The rain beats harder and harder, my spirit it's trying to break.

The thunder echos so loud, the storms much stronger than before,

I keep telling myself just one more step, then another, and just one more.

The lighting strikes, again, and then again,

It's trying so hard for me to lose, and for it to win.

Finally, I make it to the top, with tears of happiness streaming from my eyes,

Just then the storm halts to a stop, leaving no trace but beautiful skies.

I ask out loud, "Is this heaven? Did I die from my fall?"

Straining to hear an answer, but nothing is said at all.

I've never felt this happy, nothings ever felt this right,

Suddenly I wake up, covered in sweat from the night.

I begin to cry, realizing it was only just a dream,

All that hard work I had accomplished, so real did it seem.

Tears of sadness stream down my face,

Wondering, will I ever feel that happy again, witness such a beautiful place?

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