Tearing The Veil Away

Here I speak the truth.

Here, let the mask be broken.

Here, my facade fades and my fragility is revealed...

I know you do not know what I mean, What I am saying.

For all I know this could be seen as a slice of a young poets legacy in free versing or just the scribblings of my descesion into an insane protest against ethical standards.

Either way, I am speaking my mind. How courageous I must be to be loud for once in my life.

Look around, every person is not who they are. Every person has a desire, a fantasy turned phantasm as this thought of perfection is loathed upon. 


Because it is smothered, smothered by the veil of the world. It divides us all, creating two forms of ourselves. Cut from the same cloth, the same veil. Those who we are and those the world forces us to be.

We carry masks and facades to cover up and hold ourselves together and apply ourselves to standards no one can match as no one can go through life without committing what could be sin.

That I could go through a path that is right or wrong or does no harm? No such thing.

We are fragile emotional beings and even the most callous of men can shed tears or cryout in pain or frustration.

We are a frail people and we have a frail society of which comes the worst of social sicknesses. Because we can let ourselves break free for once to speak our mind. Then watch as the looks of critiscm and judgement mark us as either outcast or martyr.

You oh Accuser, you should be judged. At least those who free themselves have the pride and hope to do such a thing. When in this day it can recognized as Vulgar. 

Frederick Douglas told us "If there is no struggle, there is no progress." Funny how it is in a world that strives for everything to appear perfect and returning to it's populace the absence of inner peace.

We beg to be free of our own skin, screaming on the inside. So I tell you tear the veil, be free of expection and judgement. Tear the veil so maybe finally for once in a long time everyone can breathe, be free.

Or would you rather hide? Stay in the shell of who you became, and with you there is who you wanted to be.

Only you can release your own virtues, and disregard the status quo.

Your choice. Gazing through the veil to the other side.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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