Tearing Away Temptation's Talons

Alone in life she rowed Upon the lonely waters of life Her spirit was sinking low And she wouldn't stop causing strife  She was still there in physical form But her dreams lay deep in the river Broken by a bottle of identity torn And an irreparable liver  For years her secrets lay hidden Her beauty shone brightly on busy streets But of control, inside, was ridden Filled with addiction, not hero's feats  For years in and out of the waiting room she walked We raised our eyes in hope that she might recover Because she, Temptation had stalked Like a determined, vengeful lover  Like a ghost she hovered Between the foreboding gates of death and life We wished she had run for cover For Temptation’s talons held her hostage Held to her throat, a venom dipped knife  But she rose up and tore the knife from her neck The murkiness cleared from her eyes And she held it to her prisoner's (throat) instead She yearned to compensate for all her lies And she didn't seem to know That all we'd ever wanted Was for her to face us with a cloudless mind and fearless eyes in tow 


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