Teachers Stand By


Oh man, I feel so sick,
   as I sit far away from a "popular" click.
They just stare and gawk,
   my mind rages as its my striped cardigan their center of talk.
I have no where to go, no where to run,
   "school should be a place of structure and fun."
A growing percentage feel they should die,
   as their teachers, parents, and others stand by.
Its a painful truth that we must face,
   with kids coming to school with mace.
"When he was talking about it what did you do?"
   was it evident, quite true?

They knew what was going on,
   all of the right, the wrong.
Without their assistance, I would've drowned,
   not given a chance til' I was downed.
I thank them all, every day,
   "Its my job" was what they'd say.
Here we are, standing on this hill,
   peering down on the harassment still.
We all stand, teachers, counselors, students, staff and all,
   stand on our two feet, brave and tall.
Hand in hand, I'm glad they're at my side,
   my stroke of academic serendipity would've died.


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