Teachers Can Make a Difference

When I was in school I had to work for my grade,

I had to study for an A, that was the trade.

Now kids watch movies, color, and waste time,

While lazy teachers sit back, should be a crime.

Oh, the stories I've heard from kids still in school,

"We don't do anything, our teacher's a tool!"

It's no wonder kids can't speak or write well,

They aren't taught proper grammar, and one can tell.

Americans are seen as stupid, it's true,

But everyone has potential, like me and you.

Success can be achieved if kids put their minds to it,

And teachers can nurture potential bit by bit.

But whether they do is up to them,

So join with me, go out on a limb.

Give a teacher an encouraging word today,

Maybe they'll see they can make a differnce some way.




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