Teachers & Anxiety.


Teachers don’t seem to understand anxiety,

They put us in front of a room of staring eyes waiting undeniably,

We are supposed to speak eloquent words full of meaning and substance,

But all I feel is the ever growing, hurtful judgment,

What if it’s gone all wrong, what do I do, I have to stay cool,

Stop shaking and panicking you stupid, stupid fool…


I cannot speak in front of my own classmates,

I want to, I do, but all I feel is the hate,

I like people, but I can’t stand to be in front of them,

My throat feels as though it’s filled with phlegm,

I close up, I freeze, I panic,

Everything has become so completely manic...


I cannot say this to my teachers though,

They will say I am just shy and force me to go,

I am down to my last wit,

But I need to get this over with,

Here comes the screw-up,

Ready to fail, watch as I errupt


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