Teachers and Their Degrees


Dear Inadequate Professor, I don't mean any disrespect. Can I say a few words? I have to get this off my chest. If showing up to class doesn't make me a student, then you having your degree doesn't make your teaching fluent. Participating and doing homework, now that's required of me, but what's required of you, is it just your fancy degree? NO! Take the time out and explain to me what I need to know, stop acting like I get it; making me do the work on my own! You could be the reason why your students feel stupid, make sure we comprehend so we can graduate like you did! You say you more than capable, so practice what you preach,  maybe then i'll give you props and like the way you teach. So please tell me your intentions, so we fix this situation? Maybe you can go back to school, and get a degree in communication. With all due respect, I hope there is no misunderstanding, because I thought too long and hard about this letter that I'm sending. I believe in you, your degree has nothing to do with it, now correct me if I'm wrong, Sincerely, More Than Capable Student.


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