When you hear the word teacher, 

What do you think? 

Kind, Nice, Helpful, Supportive?

I was made to think of educator, helpful, unbiased. 

And that's some key traits that they should have. 

Now take them and make them all disappear

Now what do you have?

Heres a hint, Impatient,Argumentative,Arrogant,Opinionated,Closed minded.

They should not look at you like you're ignorant because of your opinion 

Or be racist in the classroom or even bigoted

We are all allowed to our opinions but a teacher?

They are required not to try and sell their beliefs in the classroom 

And you as a student should have a word in it as well 

Stand up and say something, don't just sit and be quite 

Make a difference and speak up 

If you want to change something for the better

But won't speak up how far are you going to get?

Now I will ask you again--- what do you think of when you hear the word 







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