Teachers can be

Hypocritical, strict, and distasteful

While some can be kind, easy going, and playful

I can’t say i liked all my teachers in the past

But i dealt, because i knew their class wouldn’t always last

Yet, this didn’t make it alright

See we got some teachers who would sit and encourage fights

But some who would stay to help a student

With a lesson until they got it right

We need more teachers like that

Teachers who are actually there to educate their students

Ones who don’t say

“Ya’ll can talk all day, because I get paid either way”

What kind of motto is that?

What’s the point of sitting in a classroom

If the topic never changes

Teachers who come to school and just go to their desk and sit

I mean it’s cool if some if of the class wants to be disobedient, but why must we all be punished for it?

I had some teachers tell me that you can’t survive on your own

But some students continue to argue

“Why not? I’m going to die alone”

Seems as if some teachers are too conceited

To listen to the opinions of others

Apparently there is nothing to learn because their required schooling

Is considered “completed”

That type of attitude will get you no where

The point I’m trying to make

Is if you’re a teacher, do more than just “be there”

Be patient, be fair

        And most importantly, atleast care! @huggies921


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