You’ve taught us how to write.

You’ve taught us how to add.

You’ve encouraged us to be bright.

You’ve corrected us when we’ve been bad.

You have done so much more than teach.

Advisor, chauffer, supplier of food-

You have been these for each

Of us. We don’t always show gratitude

For the extra tasks you aren’t required to do.

So, on behalf of my classmates and I,

We want to say gracias and thank you.

For being someone on whom we can rely.

For all of the nights you stayed up late

Because of sports, clubs, and papers to grade.

For all of the laughs and memories we create.

For the life lessons you have displayed.

None of you ever get paid enough

For all the things you do.

Saying goodbye is going to be tough.

Oh, it’s so true

Understanding Calculus is effortless

Compared to proclaiming adieu.

Moral of the story- I will leave you with this-

Your words, stories, and advice have been tattooed

Onto our hearts and minds. THANK YOU!!!!!



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