Teachers: 0 America:


What would I change

What wouldn't I change

I'd change the sky's color to purple

And the grass to orange

Would be easier

Than changing the classroom score.

Beyonce makes X amount

and Bill Gates 10 times as much

Tiger Woods on the PGA Tour

and his coach? in the dust.

Why do they get paid so high

And teachers abandoned

Hung to dry?

The energy they use

Cannot be compared

To a dancer who got his break

On a reality show somewhere.

Not to mention


Their true job classification

Parents have thrown in the towel

Waving the white flag

And expect Superman to appear

In room 503, down the hall there.

I would raise a teachers pay

Screw the common core

All these policies created

By those who snore.

How can the U.S. spend

On "education"

Half of what Nintendo spent

On "innovation"?

Wake up America

Best nation on the planet

We are getting no where

But better twerkers

And rappers dogmatic.

Who taught them how to read

How to write, rhyme, sing

How to swing a golf ball

Work computers and machines

Who listened to homework protests

Broke up fights in the hall

Who tried their best to educate you

When you wouldn't give them your all

Teachers are overlooked


Deserve to strike!

America needs to change

Where it's focus is. Tonight.



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