Teacher Teacher...

Oh Teacher, giving all of this homework, don't you know?

I can't keep up with all of these assignments and that makes my grade low.

Could you please slow down, just wait,

or I'll be forced to hand in all of my work late.


I have a lot on my plate, it is my senior year,

how can I make you understand, can I be any more clear?

I can't do all of this work in just one night,

I don't have time for anything else, it puts me in quite a plight.


Please Teacher, I know you're trying to lead me on the right path,

but I can't learn that fast, I'm not very good at Math.

Could you go more in depth, don't you see,

I need more one-on-one to learn this Chemistry.


I need you to take less notes and explain this mystery,

I'll try to learn and remember, but there is so much History.

I'm good at this, just slow down, I wish

I can catch the symbols and do well in English.


You all pile your work so high,

when I look at my homework, I just want to die.

So please Teacher, look at this in my position,

Work out something new, please try to transition.


All of these subjects, they're just not for me,

I'll tell you again and again, it's not my cup of tea. 

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