Teacher Teacher


Teacher teacher, 
Can I....
I mean..
May I, leave..
I can't take the stares,
The whispers & the taunts.
Teacher teacher,
May I excuse myself
Before it gets any worse.
I'm scared,
But you don't understand.
Teacher teacher,
I'm shaking,
I'm crying,
Tell me how to make them stop.
It's not just,
"kids being kids"
When lives are on the line. 
Teacher teacher,
I can't stand up & speak.
Believe me I can barely say this.
Why won't you help me?
Instead you sit there
& Shake your head.
Teacher teacher,
"Maybe if you weren't so weird,"
You say.
"Maybe if you liked normal things,
& looked like they do..."
You look down shaking your head.
Teacher teacher, 
So maybe if I wasn't myself,
They'd like me...
I'm sorry I can't do that.
Teacher teacher, 
You won't help.
Because it's my fault, right?
Correct me if I'm wrong.
But how can you just sit there,
As another life
Slips away....
Teacher teacher,
This is bullshit.
Teacher teacher,
You're not a friend.
Just a face.
Teacher. Teacher.
I won't see you next year.
Teacher teacher...
Thanks for the help
I guess you're right
kids will be kids.

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This makes me so sad, but I'm really glad that you shared this poem. Thank you.

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