A Teacher Routine

Thu, 10/24/2013 - 09:44 -- hope03


I sit in the front row as you lecture away.

From section to section,

Your intention is to teach the entire chapter.

Everyone sits silently.

You've made a mistake and no one speaks up.


I break the silence and point out your mistake.

You smile and correct your mistake.

Still siting in my seat, 

I begin to wonder,

How much do you enjoy teaching?

Everyday it is no different.

I come to class and know what will be done.

My peers show no interest,

Yet you continue to teach.

Could I tell you?

Will you listen?

Would you change your ways?

All I ask is,

Make things more interesting,

Interact with us,

Allow us the opportunity to know you.

I want to come to class happy to learn,

But, are you willing to change?




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