Teacher I will become

Are any words required for a task like this,

A task inherent to us like the waves of black spirals atop our crown,

 I mean it is akin to us from birth till we fall down into sediment,

A task inherent in all beings be it through blood or soil,

The task of speaking truthfully while the hatchlings listen,

Of moving with the essence and history while the cubs see the picture progressing,

Our responsibility to maneuver through conflict with flexibility so that one day our young may inherent the task woven deep within,

I’ve written this poem about a task given to us since the day the color of dawn turned bright the dark in blind eyes,

I’ve written this poem about the love from soil through our blood all the way to the beat of a new heart,

I’ve written this for you,

You’ve written your own for me and as we write our words will teach the newborns to grow,

But remember we wrote not with pen on paper,

We wrote with pulsating palms sowing the seeds of a new beginning.



We owe it to ourselves to remember not just our young, but all young be it animal, plant, and all things under the sun.

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